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Tips for starting your vintage online store

Tips and advice to make your vintage online store grow and be profitable.

Building a vintage online store may seem very expensive and cumbersome at first and you may be partially right, but if you know the main steps you have to carry out and have a good guide you can get results much faster. This article is the first of a collection of writings in which I will help and guide you in this process to maximize your results.

First step - Choosing the style for your vintage online store

What style do you prefer? Vintage or Brand? Men's or Women's?

Within the vintage world there are numerous styles of store. The two main styles that we can find in a vintage online store are sports and dress. Here we do not even enter if they are branded or unbranded items, simply their style. The vintage sports will consist of garments much more focused on youth, we can find sweatshirts from brands like Nike and Adidas, they are very recognizable products, we can also find tracksuits, fleeces, jackets from different brands like North Face, Patagonia, Kappa, Umbro, Reebok ... I think we all know what kind of garments I'm talking about. Keep in mind that the retail price will change if it's old vintage or more modern.

The biggest benefit you can get from choosing this vintage sporty style could be the wide variety of customers, who doesn't like a Nike sweatshirt at a good price? That's why you could get, at first, more customers and more sales so it would give you unexpected income and push you to continue working on your website. The downside is that these types of garments are becoming more and more expensive and are in high demand so it will be more difficult to find them. I can recommend you my company, Terrranova Vintage Wholesale, we are wholesalers of vintage clothing wholesale in Spain and we sell all over Europe.

The second style that you can incorporate to your store could be vintage, crazy colors and crazy, the public is a little more limited, but you can get wholesale vintage clothes for your store very well priced.

The style is basic, but this doesn't mean you have to choose only one, you can combine them, like adding Lacoste, Ralph Laurent or Burberry clothing to your vintage online sportswear store.

You can make the combinations that you consider, I will always recommend you to choose the style that most resembles you. You will be able to make better purchases or find products that are easily available. You will also have to evaluate to which public you want to focus, young or adult, man or woman or even both. That's up to you.

About the wholesale of vintage clothing in Spain and Europe is reserved the next post where I will put the best tips and places to buy vintage clothing wholesale.

Best regards and thanks for your attention.

The Terranova Vintage Wholesale team

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