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Vintage Bales: A Rising Trend for Thrift Clothing Stores

Vintage clothing bullets are an ideal option for expanding your inventory without repeating looks and supporting the environment by reducing waste, and are quickly gaining popularity as a fashionable and socially conscious option.

These bullets include a variety of items, from casual wear to party wear and more formal wear, allowing users to find unique pieces that reflect their personality. Buying wholesale vintage bullets is an economical way to access exclusive styles, out of stock elsewhere, and of high quality, as all items have been carefully checked, cleaned and repaired.

For thrift stores, it's an excellent opportunity to offer customers premium styles without the high price tag.

Vintage bullets

What are Vintage Bullets?

At Terranova Vintage, we know that finding unique, high quality products is essential to the success of your thrift store. Vintage clothing bullets are an ideal option for expanding your inventory without repeating looks and supporting the environment by reducing waste.

In addition, at Terranova Vintage, you have the option to choose between vintage bales or brand name bales, and also how many kilos you want, 25 or 45 kilos, or you can choose them by units or pieces.

Here are the distinctive features of our vintage bales: quality, variety and exclusivity.

Superior Quality

Each vintage clothing bullet from Terranova Vintage is composed of meticulously selected garments to ensure the highest quality. All items go through a rigorous verification, cleaning and repair process, ensuring that each piece is in perfect condition for resale.

This allows you to offer your customers premium clothing without compromising your quality standards, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

Unmatched Variety

Our vintage clothing bullets contain an impressive variety of items. From casual and designer clothing to specific pieces for special occasions, each bullet offers a diverse range of styles and brands. This diversity not only enriches your inventory, but also meets the needs and preferences of a broad customer base.

With our bullets, you can offer your customers the opportunity to find unique pieces that reflect their personality and style.

Exclusivity Guaranteed

Vintage clothing bullets from Terranova Vintage give you access to unique styles that are hard to find elsewhere. Many of the pieces included are out-of-print or limited edition items, giving them added value and special appeal. By offering these exclusive pieces, you can differentiate your store and attract customers who are looking for something truly unique and special.

This allows you to stand out in the competitive second-hand fashion market and appeal to a wider audience.

The benefits of Buying Wholesale Vintage Bullets at Terranova Vintage are:

-Variety: Our vintage clothing bullets include an amazing diversity of garments spanning multiple styles and categories. This allows you to offer your customers a unique and personalized shopping experience.

Casual clothing, such as shirts, blouses, t-shirts, pants and jeans, shorts, Bermuda shorts, exclusive garments, accessories and branded garments, or if you prefer something not SO casual, we have party wear, vintage clothing, from the 50's to the 90's.

-Cost Effectiveness: Buying wholesale clothing is an economical way to keep your inventory well-stocked without incurring excessive expenses.

-Sustainability: Vintage bullets contribute to sustainable fashion by reducing waste and promoting garment reuse.

-Customer attraction: The quality, variety and uniqueness of our vintage bullets will attract more customers interested in high quality fashion and unique pieces.

Incorporating vintage clothing bullets from Terranova Vintage in your store will not only enrich your offer, but also allow you to stand out in the market.

Explore our selection of vintage bullets today and find out how we can help you take your business to the next level - visit our website and place your wholesale order now!

vintage bullets

Guide on how to select the best Vintage Bullet for your store:

1. Garment Quality

-Quality is a crucial factor when selecting a vintage clothing bullet. Make sure that all the garments inside the bullet meet high quality standards.

-Verification Process: At Terranova Vintage, each item is carefully inspected for any damage or defects.

-Condition of Garments: Look for bales that guarantee the garments have been thoroughly cleaned and repaired, ensuring they are ready for immediate sale.

2. Diversity of Items.

A good vintage clothing bale should offer a wide variety of items to meet the different needs of your customers.

-Casual and Designer Clothing: Include a mix of casual and designer garments to appeal to a wider audience.

-Special Occasion Pieces: Wedding dresses and special occasion wear can be big draws for your customers.

3. Popular Brands

-Name Brands: Look for bullets that include clothing from popular designers and brands. These garments are often in high demand and can sell at a higher price point.

-Classic Vintage Fashion: In addition to modern brands, garments from classic vintage brands can appeal to collectors and retro fashion enthusiasts.

At Terranova Vintage we sell in bullets:

-Brand name brands: brands such as North Face, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and many more brands....

-Vintage bullets: styles such as ethnic wear, bomber, cosby style, spring sweaters, corduroy shirts, leather jackets...

For any season, whether in summer, winter or spring.

4. General Condition of Clothing

The general condition of the garments inside the bale is another important aspect to consider.

-Repairs Needed: Ensure that all garments are free of significant damage and, if necessary, have been properly repaired.

-Cleaning and Maintenance: All garments should have been cleaned and disinfected to ensure they are in top condition for resale.

Testimonials of our customers:

How Terranova Vintage Guarantees Quality in Every Bullet

1. Selection Process:

  • Our process begins with collecting vintage clothing from a variety of trusted sources, we collaborate with reliable suppliers and distributors who understand the importance of quality and authenticity in vintage clothing.

  • First Inspection: Each garment goes through a first round of inspection to ensure that it meets our basic quality standards.

2. Detailed Inspection

Once collected, garments undergo a more detailed inspection to assess their condition and quality.

  • Condition Assessment: We examine each item for damage, wear or stains that may affect its attractiveness.

  • Authenticity Verification: We confirm the authenticity of designer and name brand pieces to ensure that our customers receive genuine products.

3. Classification and Categorization

The selected garments are classified into different categories to facilitate their distribution in the bales.

  • Clothing Types: We classify the garments into categories such as casual wear, branded, non-branded, and special occasion wear.

4. Cleaning and Repairing

After sorting, each garment undergoes a cleaning and repair process to ensure that it is in optimal condition.

  • Professional Cleaning: All garments are thoroughly cleaned using professional methods that preserve their quality and durability.

  • Expert Repair: Our expert sewing team repairs any minor damage, such as loose buttons or unraveled seams, so that each garment is ready for immediate sale.

5. Bale Preparation

Once the garments are cleaned and repaired, we begin preparing the bales for wholesale.

  • Balanced Mix: We ensure that each bale contains a balanced mix of different types of garments and styles, offering our customers a wide variety of choices.

  • Final Quality Control: Before sealing the bales, we perform a final quality control to verify that all items meet our strict standards.

6. Shipping and Delivery

Finally, the vintage clothing bales are ready to be shipped to our customers.

  • Safe Packaging: We use safe and sturdy packaging materials to protect the garments during transportation.

  • On-time Delivery: We ensure that the bullets arrive on time and in perfect condition at their destination, ready to be offered for sale.

  • Guaranteed Quality: Explains the guarantees and quality policies that Terranova Vintage offers to its customers.


At Terranova Vintage, our selection and preparation process ensures that every bale of vintage clothing we offer is of the highest quality. This meticulous process allows us to provide our wholesale customers with products that are not only unique and attractive, but also reliable and ready to sell.

For more information, just

where you can find all the types of vintage clothing bale we offer

Also, you can contact us in case you are interested in ordering in bulk or if you have any additional questions, by phone (+34 652 65 98 98 31 or + 34 633 25 02 34).

vintage bullets

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