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Return policy

We accept returns only in the event that the Terranova Vintage Wholesale team has made a mistake in placing the order. Both of these cases are covered: 



A very high percentage of Grade B. It should be noted that the garment may have minor imperfections that will not be considered Grade B. Grade B are noticeable holes and large stains. Small imperfections that are difficult for the human eye to see will not be considered Grade B. 



Sending goods that are not in accordance with the description. Example: customer buys a pack of Ralph Lauren jackets and receives Lacoste jackets. This is not interpretative, as, in multi-brand packs, different brands will go in. 



Transport costs have to be paid by the customer. Once the order has been received, the full amount will be refunded minus the transport costs. The return has to be communicated 1-3 days after receipt of the order.

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